Attention: Before issuing a RMA request, please make sure that u have correctly tried to integrate the device. If you need assistance on how to get started, we recommend to browse our Helpcenter first.

If you are convinced your device is misfunctioning or has a technical issue, please provide at least the following information:

  • Delivery Note
  • Device Name
  • DevEUI
  • Pictures of the device both closed and opened up
  • Description: 
    • Steps taken leading to the issue
    • Your observations
    • What did you try to fix it?

Send us a ticket or write an email to

If you are experiencing issues with multiple devices please send us a seperate request for each device. Tickets with multiple requests will be rejected.

Please be informed that we do not offer any temporary replacements for the time your device is beeing repaired. Thank you for your understanding.