• What does OTAA mean?
  • What does ABP mean?
  • How do i get the keys i need?

What does OTAA mean?

OTAA stands for "Over The Air Activation". With this method, the sensor dynamically establishes the connection with the LoRa network server, which has several advantages: On the one hand, the device automatically tries to join the network again if the connection is interrupted. Furthermore, the encryption of the data transmission is renewed with each new connection. The biggest advantage, however, is that changes to the network have no effect on the connectivity of the sensors. Therefore we recommend our customers to use the OTAA activation for practical use in the field. The more devices are deployed, the more noticeable the benefit.

What does ABP mean?

ABP stands for "Activation By Personalisation". Here the encryption parameters are fixed in the device. However, this has some disadvantages for the practical application: The most obvious thing is that you have to be very careful to avoid possible double occupancy of keys. If the connection is lost, physical access to the sensor is necessary, just as if the network is changed or a sensor is to be moved. Therefore, we advise against using ABP, with a few very specific exceptions.

Where can I get the OTAA/ABP keys to my ordered devices?

How you can integrate your device into a LoRa network server depends on which device you are using and which manufacturer the device is from. Some manufacturers deliver the keys separately with the device, some enclose them with the packaging, others require an app for smartphones.

Below is a list of what applies to your case:

The keys can be found on a sticker on the device or on or in the individual packaging

  • Adeunis
  • DigitalMatter
  • Sensoneo

The keys can be set during configuration with the manufacturer's software tool

  • Comtac
  • Ewattch
  • Lobaro (USB Adapter required)
  • Parametric

We will send you the keys by e-mail to the contact of the delivery address

  • Elsys
  • NKE watteco
  • Sensoneo
  • Skiply
  • tektelic
  • Zenner

As stated on your delivery note, we send the keys to your devices as CSV files to the e-mail addresses known to us. If the hardware has been ordered by your purchasing department, this file may end up in a mailbox that you do not have access to. If you have not received your keys by the time your order is received, please create a ticket or contact us by email at and quote the order number or delivery note. After checking your details, we will send you the keys.