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Uplink / Downlink Payload Decoding

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What does OTAA mean?

OTAA stands for "Over The Air Activation". In this Process, the Sensor dynamically connects to the LoRa network server, wich has several advantages: First, the device will automatically attempt to rejoin the Network if the Connection is lost. Furthermore, with every new Connection, the encryption of the Data transmission is renewed. The biggest advantage however is that changes to the Network have no effect on the connectivity of the sensors. Therefore, we recommend our costomers to use OTAA activation for field practical use. The more devices are used, the more noticeable is the advantage.

What does ABP mean?

ABP stands for "Activation By Personalisation". Here the encryption parameters is  fixed for every single device. However, this brings with it some disadvanatges for the practicable application: The most obvious disadvanatage  is that you have to be carfully to prevent possible double assignments of keys. Once the connection is lost, physical access to the sensor is required just as when the network is changed, or a sensor has to be moved. That's why we advise against using ABP, except for a few very specific devices. 

Where do i get my OTAA/ABP Keys?

This information is coming soon.

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