Read/change sensor configuration:

The chip should always be read out first before the configuration: If the device and your smartphone are correctly positioned, a popup appears, which must be confirmed. The configuration of the sensor is displayed and can be changed accordingly. The sending of the configuration is triggered by pressing the "Write" button. 

Reading/writing does not work?

The following steps can solve the problem:.

  • Hold sensor and smartphone together correctly. The NFC chip of the sensors is located centrally above the light sensor (ERS lite: recess). For the position of the NFC chip of your smartphone, refer to the corresponding manual.
  • Keep the smartphone and sensor as close as possible to each other during the entire process and do not move them if possible.
  • Experience has shown that it can also be helpful to try another smartphone

Are you wondering if it couldn't be easier?

You're wondering how you can integrate a larger number of sensors in this way?

Rightly so! Every manufacturer does it differently and very few solutions are intuitive or efficient to use, especially in terms of scalability. With the help of our device integration platform thingsHub we can offer you a solution for this and other problems, e.g. regarding configuration. Read more about it here.